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Mar 05th, 2020 |

A charming rural experience at Thanh Ha pottery village in Hoi An

Hoi An isn't only famous for its ancient beauty but also for traditional villages, like Thanh Ha pottery village Hoi An, a tourist spot of more than 500 years old.


1. Where is Thanh Ha Pottery Village?

Thanh Ha, a pottery village near Hoi An, is located on the Thu Bon River, 3km from the ancient town of Hoi An to the West. This ancient village was founded in the 16th century, underwent many glorious periods, once its ceramic products were even considered as national treasures. 

Up to now, there are not many villagers following the traditional profession. However, some artisans still love and conserve the ancient pottery-making techniques and also revive the pottery village to become a tourist destination.


pottery village hoi an group

(Thanh Ha Pottery Village is becoming widely known and visited by tourists - Source: Internet)


2. Ticket price of Thanh Ha pottery village

There are two types of entrance tickets. The first one for children, the elderly, and students cost 15,000 VND/person. The second one costs 30,000 VND/adult. The ticket price includes the following spots and activities. It consists of the discovery Nam Dieu shrine which worships the ancestors of the pottery-making profession, the relics of Xuan My communal house, the watching artisans perform the ceramic-making stages, and the trying to make pottery products yourself.

Tickets to the village are sold from 8:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m. Visitors can get there by a motorbike or bicycles.


3. Some traveling tips when visiting Thanh Ha pottery village Hoi An

3.1 Featured products of Thanh Ha pottery village Hoi An 

When coming to Thanh Ha pottery village, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the traditional terracotta products. Thereby, viewers learn about traditional crafts and interesting indigenous culture. 

Each stage of pottery making is meticulously presented by the guide to visitors to learn more about the rustic and delicate beauty of Thanh Ha pottery. Famous products of Thanh Ha pottery village are household wares such as bowls, pots, jars, and decorative wares like sculptures, statues, decorations.


mask in hoi an pottery village

(Image: Ceramic masks and some typical souvenirs of Thanh Ha pottery village - Source: Internet)


3.2 Sightseeing and ceramic display buildings

There are two main buildings for displaying ceramic products. The building on the left displays ancient ceramic artefacts. The building on the right is the venue for Thanh Ha pottery products along with products from other craft villages such as Bat Trang, Phu Lang, etc. throughout the country. 

Connecting the two buildings is a small corridor, with the meaning of the transition between tradition and modernity.


inside pottery village hoi an

(Image: Pottery masterpieces inside the building - Source: Internet)


artisan in thanh ha pottery village near hoi an

(Image: Two artisans are demonstrating stages of pottery making - Source: Internet)


3.3 Terracotta Park of Thanh Ha Village

Terracotta Park is a highlight of Thanh Ha pottery village tour, where to display many pottery miniatures of Vietnamese famous landscapes as well as famous wonders of the world. Tourists will be surprised to know that all these artworks are sculpted by the skillful hands of the pottery artisans here. 

Make sure you bring along a camera to captivate the picture of ceramic world wonders such as the Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House, the Great Pyramid or the Statue of Liberty, etc.


miniature in pottery village near hoi an  

(Image: Many miniatures of famous architecture in Terracotta Park - Source: Internet)


4. Thanh Ha pottery village tour information

There are usually two rounds of tours to visit Thanh Ha pottery village Hoi An, morning tour or afternoon tour. And it usually lasts 4-5 hours. Tour price for foreign visitors costs around 40USD/adult, the price for a Vietnamese tourist is usually over 500,000VND/adult. Children may have to pay half the adult's charge. Many travel companies organize cultural tours, cycling tours to explore this destination. 


what to do in hoi an pottery village

(Image: Tourists can try to make their own ceramic products - Source: Internet)


Coming to visit Thanh Ha Pottery Village, tourists not only admire the impressive ceramic artworks showcasing extraordinary Vietnamese handicrafts. Visitors should purchase some pottery souvenirs for decoration and memorials of a fascinating pottery village near Hoi An.

For private or group tours to Thanh Ha Pottery Village, please contact Belle Maison Hadana Hoi An Resort & Spa via:

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