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Feb 20th, 2020 |

Where is Hoi An? The Guide for First Time Visitors to Hoi An

Have you ever heard of Hoi An Ancient Town - the paradise of lanterns? So where is Hoi An and what's interesting about it?  Let's find out in this article. 


1. Where is Hoi An?

Many people ask “is Hoi An in Danang”, but it is not correct. Hoi An is in Quang Nam province, it is an ancient city located downstream of the Thu Bon River. It locates closely to Danang, only about 30 km to the South. Transportation from Danang to Hoi An is extremely convenient.


where is hoi an


2. What to do in Hoi An 

In 2015, Hoi An was chosen as one of the ten most attractive destinations on the planet by TripAdvisor. There are many reasons for travelers to choose Hoi An in Vietnam as a destination.

Hoi An's architecture

Figures can prove that architecture is the striking characteristic of Hoi An. There are about 1360 relics of all types such as thousands of old houses, 11 ancient wells, 38 churches, 19 pagodas, 43 shrines, 23 communal houses, 44 ancient tombs, and 1 bridge. They all were built hundreds of years ago harmoniously featured by Chinese and Japanese architecture.

The most famous architecture in Hoi An is Chua Cau (Japanese Covered Bridge). The bridge is 18 meters long, covered by a dome, made of wood. The bridge is carved by hand with beautiful patterns and has gold gilding for decoration.

You cannot leave Hoi An without taking a few photos of the ancient houses here. There are more than a thousand old houses in Hoi An, Phung Hung ancient houses, Tan Ky ancient houses are among the most famous ones ... These ancient houses are elaborately built, characterized by their classic architectural style and carefully carved frescoes.


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Thanh Ha Pottery Village 

Thanh Ha Pottery Village is about 2 km from the center of Hoi An ancient town to the West. The clay for making pottery is taken from the Thu Bon River, so each ceramic product is a work of art from the soil and effort of the people of Hoi An. Coming to the village life and learning about the pottery making process is an interesting and unforgettable experience for visitors.


Hoi An cuisine

After discovering the ancient architectural town of Hoi An, visitors can not miss the chance to enjoy the specialties of the coastal land. There are countless famous dishes in Hoi An, including Vietnamese Vermicelli (Cao Lau), Quang Style noodle soup, Hoi An bread, rice with chicken, wonton, dumplings. Perhaps visitors will fall in love with this place because the food is too delicious for its reasonable price.


Hoi An - Lantern's paradise

The tranquil, ancient atmosphere of Hoi An is thanks to the lanterns. Coming to Hoi An, visitors are blessed for watching thousands of lanterns of all sizes, colors, and shapes. Time seems to be frozen in this city so that we can cherish the traditional cultural values of the utmost exquisite beauty.


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3. Where is Hoi An? How to go from Danang to Hoi An

Hoi An is located just 30 km to the South of Danang City. There is no airport in Hoi An, so foreign tourists who want to come here must travel from Danang to Hoi An. Traffic between Hoi An and Danang is very convenient with wide choices of cars or motorcycles. Learn more about How to go from Da Nang to Hoi An in our detailed article. 

Hoi An enchants visitors by its ancient beauty, peaceful tranquillity and the hidden beauty that makes visitors want to come back again and again to explore. Check out Hoi An tour and plan a vacation Hoi An ancient town soon!